Becoming a Member

Benefits of Membership

Members are encouraged to use the clubhouse. As a member of the club, you will receive notification of the pass combination to the lock box at the stern door. The box contains a key to the main salon; the same key opens the pilot house where patio furniture is stored for use on the upper deck. We even have a rental agreement for personal extensive use and for use by friends of the club.

Requirements to Become a Member

Prospective new members should attend at least two events, during which they should meet the various members of the Board of Directors, who will be voting on the application. A current member should sponsor the prospective new member.

 A prospective new member should complete an application form giving it to their sponsor or a member of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will take action at the next Board of Directors meeting. The prospective new member may submit a check for their fees with the application, or await notification from the secretary of their acceptance and the amount of money that they should submit.

We have different classes of membership; dues vary based on the level of membership. A prospective new member whose primary residence is out of the county may elect to join as a Class I—Senior Member; residency in Putnam County is not a requirement for this class of membership.

Fees and Dues

PYC Membership Application